Business & Commercial legal consultancy – outsourced “in-house” support!

Providing you a legal sounding board for your business law needs, questions and queries. Our team gives you the peace of mind of knowing who to ask and where to get guidance from.

Helping draft & review your legal docs for your Business!

We will help draft quality documentation that is fit for the purpose you need… and we can also review what you have in place to help highlight to you what you need to from your legal documents!

Trademark and Intellectual Property

We will help you figure out how best to protect your IP and what steps to take to ensure this happens!

Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions!

We will support you to understand the journey and your legal duties that arise from buying or selling businesses, giving you a much needed supporting hand to ensure you are covered from every angle!

What Legal Solutions Can We Help You With ?


Drafting & Reviewing legal docs!

Need assistance reviewing or drafting the right Commercial contracts?

We can help you understand the legal jargon, simplifying it for you so you can make informed decisions. This includes a variety of documents such as Terms & Conditions, supplier contracts, shareholder agreements, and much more.

Trade Marking & IP protection

Is your brand protected correctly? Do you have a brand protection strategy?

Your brand is a major part of your business identity, but it also holds a massive financial value…. If it is protected and registered in the right way. There is an art to things like Trade Marking – and we are blessed with the Picasso like lawyers who can guide you through!

Buying & Selling

Are you looking to grow and expand?

Buying or selling a business can be a windy road with a number of boxes needing ticked! Most of all you need to be in the most protected position possible. Whether it is drafting sales agreements (assets or shares), helping with due diligence or coping with TUPE (where employees are included), we can support and guide you through!

Franchising - whether Franchisor or Franchisee

Are you considering buying into a Franchise? Or converting your current business into Franchise model?

 This can be a daunting step, and one which needs deep considering of all the factors. Where you are becoming a franchisee, you need to know the score – but as a franchisor, you want to easily understand how to build and protect your structure correctly.

Outsourced in-house business support

Do you want to work with a Legal team that does not cost the Earth?

Our ambition is to grow with you – and provide legal support solutions that work for you! If you want a different and more refreshing approach to your Legal strategy – Simplify Legalz is the solution!

Meet Our

We walk our talk and are blessed to have an engaged and epic Team Simplify Legalz!

Zameer Nazarali

Zameer Nazarali


Zameer Nazarali is the CEO & Founder of Simplify Legalz, bringing to life his vision of helping Clients’ achieve simpler and cost-effective access to Legal advice that is built for Business!

Shafique Govani

Shafique Govani


Shafique drives the business development & marketing aspects of the consultancy by refining the message and values internally to help the business meet the needs of its clients externally.

What our clients said about us

Simplify Legalz were able to turnaround a review of a contract within 48 hours and provided a quick and professional response. Their friendliness combined with a no-nonsense attitude was much appreciated. I highly recommend the Simplify Group as well as Simplify Legalz for any of your needs.

Joanna Martorana, Business Coach

I used Simplifylegalz in the purchase of a new business. They helped me to review the purchase agreement, they advised me throughout, and redrafted certain parts where necessary. They promptly answered my queries and even provided a template that I needed further down the line.

Abbas Ismail, Food Business Owner

Great service! Solved our issue within the time they said and the outcome was great. Very professional and a joy to work with.

Zohaib Shariff, Business Owner

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