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Zameer Nazarali


Zameer Nazarali is the CEO & Founder of Simplify Legalz, bringing to life his vision of helping Clients’ achieve simpler and cost-effective access to Legal advice that is built for Business!
Zameer has held a variety of in-house and consultancy roles over the years, with a speciality for Employment & HR, as well as a wide depth of knowledge in matters of the Commercial & Corporate nature. Being a business owner & entrepreneur himself, he always tries to step in to the shoes of the person he is advising.
His mantra is to make understanding legal issues simplified, and to find solutions that really help his Clients’ progress.

Shafique Govani


Shafique drives the business development & marketing aspects of the consultancy by refining the message and values internally to help the business meet the needs of its clients externally.

Leyla Preston

Legal Consultant

Leyla brings great character, knowledge and efficiency to our delivery for clients, providing a depth of analysis in her advice balanced with a true understanding of where the client’s business is at.

Reina Menezes D’costa

Senior Lead Commercial Law

Our senior lead solicitor Reina Menezes Dcosta has many years of experience in the world of business, media and cross border work, equipped with a proven track record with multinationals and start-ups as well as achievements across new territories and services.

Sadaf Failey

Legal Consultant

Sadaf has an extensively diverse legal and commercial background, she has gained legal experience from top City practices, niche firms and working as an inhouse Legal Counsel for a group company. 

Sandra Paunov


Sandra is the bedrock of support to our CEO, Zameer, keeping tasks ticking and flowing with the constant change and evolution of the business, providing a vital communication link between Zameer and those around him… In a nutshell she keeps simple for the Simplifyer!

Sandra Kelic

Head of Admin

Sandra is simply put the Admin Ninja! Quick to react, looking to lead through initiative and providing lightening results – these are just the highlights of an superstar in the team!

Lucy Williams

Head of Operations

Lucy builds together the operational web that holds together our client journey, ensuring clients are engaged, satisfied and valuing the service we provide with a keen eye to find areas of improvement.

Louise Woodhouse

Accounts & Finance Lead

To say Louise is a financial guru is not fully appreciating just how much value she adds to our team! Our centre point for dealing with all matters accounting and finance, Louise’s mission is to ensure a clean financial relationship with our Client’s to ensure all is in place to ensure Simplify excellence!

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