My journey into the world of law has been untraditional in many senses, which is what has given me a greater appreciation for what people’s perceptions are of the traditional law firm, and its role in advising businesses.

There are of course some fantastic firms out there, but the perception that has developed is one of firms being non-flexible, watching the “clock” and unable to commit to a strategy for Clients’ in order to comply with regulatory structure.

In my own journey, I have seen the unfortunate circumstances of advice from firms which does not look at a matter holistically. A great example if where a business purchase is purchased. Whilst the commercial and corporate elements are taken care of, often the Employment law & HR obligations are misunderstood, and neglected. A lack of engagement amongst legal teams can lead to the ball being dropped. And the consequences of such are really severe at times.

My inspiration behind creating Simplify Legalz is to approach the business of legal advising in a totally different way. Our Team is equipped with the knowledge and technical knowhow of the law, but armed with the ability to step in to the shoes of the Clients’ we advise.

Our mantra is that we are different in our approach – non-traditional and proud to provide a service which prioritises what the Business of our Clients’ needs… and finding solutions to achieve those goals.

Our mission is to provide support to businesses with their commercial and company law needs, in a focused, clear and business savvy manner.

So, our question to you is, does your business looking for a new approach to your Company’s legal requirements, or have you been frustrated with the more traditional route?

If so, give us a shout and we would be more than happy to assist!

Simplify Legalz is not a law firm, but an agile and creative consultancy of Entrepreneurial Lawyers who want to take your business to new legal heights and Simplify Legalz… for YOU!